H.F. Anton GmbH of Solingen - About us

A Success Story With Strong Prospects

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Family Anton

The success story of the ANTON GmbH started in classic style: in a cellar room of 16 m². Back then – in the year 1968 - Monika and Hans Friedrich Anton combined their fascination for the material leather with their economic knowledge from the automotive industry to produce high-end automotive accessories themselves. The good quality quickly made a name for itself and the product portfolio was continuously extended just like the business premises:

  • 1976 Extension of the production floor to 100 m²
  • 1981 Introduction of the article group „Manicure Sets“ for the local steel industry in Solingen
  • 1988 Extension of the production floor to 300 m² and conversion of the single firm to a GmbH (Ltd.)
  • 1994 Son Guido Anton entered the family business
  • 2000 Purchase of new company premises with 850 m² production floor and additional extension potential

Today, already the third generation helps in our family business and our product range has become very diverse. But this in spite of us still counting on high-class handmade goods from leather. With up to 20 employees, on whom – just like the production site in Solingen – we focus our special responsibility and attention.

That‘s how we live our philosophy:

"To offer our customers high-class leather goods produced with the highest craftsmanship for a fair price. And that has a tradition as well."

Leather – Our Material

For more than 5000 years now, leather plays an important part in life and the development of mankind. The Egyptians started 3000 BC with tanning animal skins and during the millenia always new and more refined technologies of leather tanning and improvement were developed. This long tradition is an obligation for us: We preferably use high-quality leather from German, Spanish and Italian tanneries. Here, organically tanned leather becomes more and more important. 

Leather is a living and fascinating material, from which we form by hand robust, long-lasting, practical, exclusive and stylish accessories.